On Monday night, we bundled up and went to ZooLights at the Oregon Zoo. It was amazing! Going to ZooLights will definitely become a Christmas tradition!

Our first stop at the zoo was the line for the train. We waited for over an hour, which was tough for the kids.

While Chris and I are not sure that the wait was worth it, Jules and Grae loved the train ride. We got a few terrible phone pictures of ourselves on the train:

I much preferred the light displays seen on foot. I even love crowds (I find crowds energizing), so I was in heaven walking around such a busy, beautiful place. Grae had a blast running around, and even got to play with his friend Sonya Wilde for a bit. Jules just sat in the stroller staring straight ahead like a zombie. She made great progress on her lollipop, however. (Really, Grae had way more fun than this picture would indicate).

Here is our first attempt to have a stranger take a family picture for us. Haha! Where is Jules?!

After thanking the kind fellow who took the first picture, we found someone else to make another attempt. Much better :)

I am in love with ZooLights! It is totally magical and oozes Christmas spirit! Since we happen to be zoo members this year, perhaps we will visit again before Christmas. Grae is already talking about going again anyway :)

  • Tarin

    So fun!